Understanding The Copperhead Snake: Appearance, Biology, Life Cycle, Habitat, Diet, Behavior

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About the Copperhead Snake
A viper, the copperhead is a venomous snake found across the eastern and southern United States. While it does have venom, it is not entirely dangerous. It may bite, but these types of snakes prefer to live amongst themselves, living around rocks and trees. You should still remain cautious and aware of these snakes and understand what they look like and any risks they may pose to you.

The copperhead does not get very large. It is quite a small snake, growing up to just a few feet long in most cases. The size of its body does not get very big, either. Though it can be somewhat wide, it is a normal-sized snake for the most part. What sets it apart is its wider head and, of course, the copper coloring. It will also have darker copper-colored splotches across its body.

Copperheads are not common breeders. They can go years without it, or may breed regularly. When they do breed, the female will give birth to a small live little that will take care of itself immediately, as is normal for snakes.

A non-aggressive snake, the copperhead does not want to bite others and is unlikely to do so. It prefers to stay away from people and stay to itself. If it does bite, the risk of death is low. Though it is venomous, the venom itself is not lethal, at least not at the amounts it injects when it bites.

Preferring forests as their home, the copperhead will live anywhere that has plentiful trees and rocks to use for shelter. Typically, they live in the eastern United States, and many do live in the southern states, too. If you live somewhere on the east coast, this snake likely lives around you.

The majority of the diet of a copperhead is small rodents. Like most other snakes, they prefer to go after rodents for their meals and they make up a good portion of their food. They will wait and grab food as it comes, preferring not to go hunting. It will go out of its way to find insects, as it enjoys certain types, but it is not much of a hunter. Though it may have venom, the copperhead does not pose much of a risk. Even so, it is dangerous and something to steer clear of if you see it. It would prefer it that way, anyway.

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